Decorative Painting on Walls


Decorative Painting on Walls


Would you like to give a more artistic touch to a wall at home? Or even a simple door? And why not a piece of furniture or a nightstand?

This type of painting/decoration is ideal for enhancing a room and making it more appealing, comfortable, unique and beautiful.

The base price is for small paintings , for example swallows or flowers on the wall.

How it works:

  • You can ask for a free quote , talk to me by email or Facebook ;
  • I prepare the design that you idealize;
  • When approved, I go to the place;
  • Time to paint!
  • When I finish the job you can pay the remaining amount.
Costs to take into account :
In this work, each case is unique, as such, you need to ask me for a quote .

Bear in mind that I need to travel to the location, we will need to agree on an amount for:

  • Displacement/Distance;
  • Accommodation (if the job is large or far from my home);
  • Materials for work (paints and painting materials);
  • Complexity (I can paint just one bird, or a 5 meter complex wall).

Talk to me so we can combine :)

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