Flavored Olive Oil recipe

20 | 05 | 2022
Flavored Olive Oil recipe

Flavored Oils! An appealing and gourmet idea to savor and gift.

The process is very simple:

Use dehydrated herbs and add to the oil in a properly sterilized bottle .

If you use fresh herbs wash them very well and dip them in oil heated to 40 degrees inside the jar. (Very important heating so that the oil does not become contaminated).

Store in a dry, cool and dark place and leave to rest for 2 weeks.
At the end of this time, taste the flavored oil in cooking or dishes.

These are some ideas to motivate you to create and invent your own flavored oils. In addition to these herbs and ingredients, I also suggest heather, orange peel, peppercorns and pennyroyal. I leave the combinations to your discretion.

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