Fresh Italian Pasta Recipe

19 | 05 | 2022
Fresh Italian Pasta Recipe

I've always been curious to know more about Italian cuisine and all its secrets. Italian cuisine has very tasty and unique dishes. I remember that when I learned how to make this homemade pasta, I was overjoyed, I felt that I had learned how to make something whose recipe was under lock and key.

But not. In fact, this recipe is one of the easiest I have here on the site. It only takes two ingredients: flour and egg .

Here is the illustrated recipe:

Finally, if you want, you can dry the dough . Like?
It's simple, just place the cut dough on top of a net, wrapped in a kitchen roll sheet or a cotton cloth. This absorbs moisture and protects against dust.
Let it dry for 12h to 17h and you can store it in a box for 1 month.
Then, bake the pasta normally, as if it were store-bought.

Espreita a minha loja :)

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