Bread Bait Recipe (Answer to questions)

19 | 05 | 2022
Bread Bait Recipe (Answer to questions)

Here are some common questions regarding the bait recipe ( Click here to see the recipe for the bait ):

I've already finished the Isco steps!
Is it ready to be used?
How do I use it?
What do I do with so much Bait dough?
How do I keep it in the fridge?
Is this bait dough already a prepared dough for bread?

Based on some questions I've been asked, I made some more drawings to better answer general questions about bait:

A few more questions answered:

Where can I get chlorine-free water?
A: There is a very simple way to dechlorinate water. Just put water in a glass jar and place it in the sun. Cover the mouth of the bottle with a cloth and in minutes the chlorine will evaporate from the water.

Do I have to move the bait so many times? They say it spoils the dough...

A: Stir several times to oxygenate the dough. When stirred, it will accelerate the microbial activity, and consequently its fermentation.

Can I really use any flour?

A: It worked for me. When I first made the bait I used the lowest quality flour on the market because I was afraid it wouldn't work the first time and I didn't want to waste expensive flour. But it actually worked and very well, I think it was because I gave it the proper attention and good fruit peels. Of course, the formation of the bait works much better with wholemeal flour, because the “pets” have a much more refined food.

Fermentation are fungi and bacteria, are not harmful to health?

A: No, as long as we take care of the bait with proper hygiene.
Furthermore, the dough is not to be eaten raw, it goes into the oven at 200º/180º and kills any and all harmful animals that could eventually exist.

How much Isco should I use to replace the chemical yeast?

A: In my experience, 100gr of Isco can replace a tablespoon of chemical yeast. But it must depend a lot on the recipe. I advise you to follow recipes that use sourdough, otherwise it could go wrong and waste flour and other ingredients.

If you have any questions, tell me something, I'll certainly know how to answer you ❤

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